McDiscrimination With a Side of Profound Lack of Surprise

By Eric Scott Pickard 
Well, here’s yet another reason why I, personally, won’t be setting foot inside what the folks at McDonald’s laughably call a “restaurant” anytime soon.

Apparently, McDonald’s, the vast fast food giant known for extraordinarily cheap, unappetizing “food,” may have a policy that prevents employees from serving the homeless, and even prevents customers from purchasing food for those who are homeless. Take this story, in which a man visiting a McDonald’s in Manchester, UK was forced to convince the manager that he was, in fact, not homeless. Mind you, this fellow had money in hand; it was the possibility that he might not have a bed waiting for him somewhere that was in question, a puzzling distinction in a capitalist transaction. In that same location, a young woman wished to purchase a “sandwich” for a homeless man whom she had seen on her way down the street, and was refused service due to the “company policy” that prevents McDonald’s from serving the homeless. You will note that the McDonald’s corporation denies having any such policy, chalking these incidents up to a (at best) cranky or (at worst) an actively cold-hearted manager.

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