Landholding By Force of Arms

Mark Corske, anarchist thinker and writer of the excellent book and the co-creator of the short film of the same name, has released a new video, “Landholding By Force of Arms.”

In trademark artistic style, Corske explores the relationships between state and private ownership of land and the domination of the human species.

You can listen to Corske’s  interview with Free Radical Media via this link.

Anarchy, Activism and Collective Emancipation with John Carico

In this installment, writer John Carico joins us to discuss the current political climate along with future potentialities and activist oriented solutions.  More can be found from John at the following:

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Alchemy, Soma and The Eschaton w/ Ananda Bosman

Ananda Bosman joins us for a highly informative talk on Entheogens, the history of their use, along with the current state of humanity and the relationship between the human realm and our interdimensional brethren .  You can find more from Ananda at the following: