New Hosting Via

Hello everyone,

We are very happy to announce that the Free Radical Media podcast is now going to be hosted on a new website!

Many of you know that a co-founder of this collective writes for The Fifth Column News, an organization publishes news from around the world, especially “radical” news, and is a great example of New Media.

Well, on this network, the TFC (The Fifth Coulmn) News network, there is a site called Sleeper Cells. On this site our podcast will be available, just as it is here, on YouTube, on Disinformation, and on Itunes. More options, more listeners, more engagement. More Free Radical Media.

The podcast is, as always, free; we are just trying to make it more available and listenable. Your preferred method of listening does not change. We hope you enjoy and support our new hosts, linked below!

The First Episode of FRM on Sleeper Cells, “Class Disparity… w/ Dr. Bones”

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