The Sacred Nature of Art with Charles Gilchrist


In this installment, the Free Radical Media crew discusses artist Charles Gilchrist’s spiritual journey into the world of art, mandala, and sacred geometry. Charles Leslie Gilchrist was born in Wichita, Kansas in 1940. Showing artistic talents at an early age, Gelchrist started his formal art education at 11, studying under will know portrait and landscape painter Genevieve Ingram Frickle. He later attended Beloit College and the Cleveland Institute of Art. He has worked in many mediums, including commercial photography, and in addition to (and complementing) his artisic life he conducts workshops in Sacred Geometry.

More from Charles is available on his website.



Galactic Dialogues From Outside of Time w/ Thad Mckraken

In this episode, magickal practitioner, psychonaut and writer Thad Mckraken joins us to discuss his new book and current magickal explorations. More can be found from Thad at: