John Carico: 5 Things You Can Do That Have More Impact then Voting

– Eric Scott Pickard

I recently came across this social media post from our friend and former guest John Carico, which I thought I would share. (Contact and further links below the content.)

A great many people feel left out of the political process, or feel that voting is simply irrelevant – that it does not serve their or anyone else’s interests – except for those of the powerful and elite. Carico lays out five simple suggestions to influence your community and your world without voting, or in addition to voting, that may well be of much more use: Inform, Organize, Sustain, Dismantle, and Resist. Here’s the text:

“Here are 5 things you can do that mean more and have more impact than voting:
1. INFORM: Write an article exposing an injustice, or spread one to 50 friends, or just introduce a bunch of people to an alternative media source. This is small, but the more people realize there is a problem, the closer we are to solving it.


2. ORGANIZE: start an independent union at your workplace, join a union, participate in a horizontally structured workplace like a co op, or even a commune, the more we use democratic and horizontal methods in our workplace the more we will be used to seeing how they work and will feel more comfortable discussing them as we make them the norm.


3. SUSTAIN: start car shares, guerrilla garden,if people have a need that can be provided for people do it, if you live in a state where you have to break the law to feed people, break the law, don’t block it off to followers of a certain religion or put any requirements for food. food should be free, and the politics of eating is one of the issues that if fixed would essentially topple many other problems we face. remember America, predominantly through restaurant industry, wastes more food annually than the rest of the world could eat! The second part of sustaining is making sure we have land bases by the time future generations come along, meaning we must Stop ecocide so in order to sustain we must also…

4. DISMANTLE: there are institutions and machineries all over the world, destroying as we speak large parts of our ecosystem with very little concern for the after effect, let alone the current effect. indigenous peoples are still being driven off this land, and slavery is more prevalent now than ever.we must take down systems that starve we must do economic damage, not simply opt out. the Boston Tea Party was an act of economic sabotage, and it brought attention to the issue, more than voting could. We must put ourselves on the gears, and if the state won’t stop it but instead offers subsidies and protection to these corporations, then it is up to us to..

5. RESIST: These institutions have brought and will always bring about violence if we do not pay to them to live, meanwhile we have 7 homes for every homeless person. golf courses use as much water as municipal humans. this is theft.These systems which create inequality and are unsustainable are doing long term and short term violence upon us everyday. And any attempt to truly change this will be met with more violence. We have to be ready to minimize damage done to the oppressed classes, and that means resistance to violent behaviors.”

You can check out more from John via his Facebook page and his author page at The Fifth Column News. You can also listen to his Free Radical Media podcast episode streaming here on the website or via YouTube.