IWW Convergence at the DNC (Video)

At the 2016 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Free Radical Media’s Eric Scott Pickard took some time to speak with fellow Industrial Workers of the World members in Center City near Independence Hall.

Co-Hosting the round table conversation is  John Carico, another Fifth Column News staff writer and former guest on the Free Radical Media podcast.

The IWW, a radical labor union formed in 1905, is an organization dedicated to syndicalism – the formation of all workers into “One Big Union” that would change society. Watch the conversation among Wobblies below:



This impromptu convergence of IWW members occurred during an anti-war rally, at which Pickard and many others later spoke. While the rhetoric and showmanship was going on in the Convention Center, the real conversations, the good conversations, were going on in the streets. Free Radical Media is dedicated to bringing you those conversations and viewpoints, as they are sadly left out of the mainstream narrative.

Solidarity Forever!

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