Sophia’s Atonement


Sophias Atonement

–  By Patrick Ryan

The majesty of the star studded gown of Sophia, begetting a world of ecstatic revelation cojoined with wild passion. We assume an individual isolated persona,  a self that is separated from this grand display, spending its days tense and worried — the mortgage, our placid marriage, the looming threat of bodily demise. The suffocation felt of yearning for more, yet when achieved, fades away into the void of the forgotten. Our elaborate societies are built around this fundamental impulse; capitalistic enterprises pull resources from the ecologically devastated planet in order to suffuse us with another potential escape. We seek the free fall of post orgasmic bliss, the rush of heroin as it surfs our bloodstream, a cold beer, another gluttonous meal — the immaculately free yawn of now invites us warmly yet is perpetually missed.

The spheres sing their melodies to us, falling consistently on deaf ears in favor for  an existence of tight tense desire. If only we listened! Etched in the divine tapestry of the cosmos is an epic narrative. Not for some divine begotten heir, but our very own life as a paramount expression in the stellar symphony. One that chants us back, constantly contaminating our thoughts with ‘what if?’ Our Solemn mediocre lives are but a denial of our own innate cosmic expressions. Sophia Ma’s grand gifts are dismissed for a life of striving and chasing rather than the expression of unspeakable fullness. Blessed with the burden to act as conduits for the pantheon, we often choose to settle for an existence of half lived subtle torment. This inverted approach to being alive is but the demiurge of our own lost paradise. A frantic perpetual chasing the tails of anointed potential, which lies forever dormant in the hearts of all.


Shallow breathing muddies our morning commute, as we frivolously shout and languish at surrounding traffic; our heart suffocates with envy as anxiety ensnares us to the inevitable end of a dedicated romance —  the dreadful Samsaric spokes of wasted moments prod ever more deeply into our hearts and souls. Let us not forget our celestial origins, forever whispering to us our forgotten place within the divine symmetry.  Make no mistakes; we are begotten of the Mother and ourselves divine incarnate!  Our ordained purpose is to be but an emanation of the celestial harmony, to saturate the world around us — serving as a medium for the sublime and delectable. A life lived this way allows even the most burdensome commute to be one of ease and delight. A dash of humor enlivens routine conversations, a wink and a smile opens the cold rigid world to it’s innate etheric proportions. Even the most hellish circumstances be-give the opportunity for  transmutation into celebratory gestures of the bright shine of Her cosmic emanation.

The immaculate Lady calls us forward deeper into her gaping abyss. Aligned with her divine shine, may the helical whorl of her cosmos thrust behind our every gaze and gesture, penetrating ever more deeply into Her, erect with the fullness of cosmic appropriation. Shall we lock ourselves into this stellar Logos, transmuting mundane existence into an encounter with divinity — all it takes is a choice. Mediocrity and comfort are the death sentences of this elegance. Her bloody fanged jaws clench ever more deeply, hoping to inspire a temporary life lived as a gesture of infinity; The Mother Flame  dances wildly, devouring all as it creates anew. We’ve been striving for eons after her; life time after life time, continually searching without realizing the opportunity for our inspired marriage is always now and forever. The passion of  sacrificing our petty sense of separation holds the promise of ecstatic communion with our sought after maiden. Every moment is but an entrance to allow her luminous flame to shine through — blessing us with the obligation to flood this world with her exquisite radiance

The grand lie that we’ve been fooled into believing is this life is a cast off haven – a deprived purgatory awaiting for it’s due and reconciliation, assuming this place to be an aborted bastard child of a long forgotten Goddess.  Rather the Truth is, the very reason we inhabit this place is to bring redemption. The Christos is aflame in the hearts of all, waiting to be shared without restraint and apology.  Magdalenes yearning is soon to be quenched;  this Communion is imminent — right now. To hell with the doctrines of old condemning us to an existence of servitude. This World is one of polarization giving way to synthesis – acting as the union between the Divine and the flesh. We are it’s arbiters ushering in the supra-stellar majesty of all that can be conceived. Do we dare take on this role or retreat back into a life of false security and silent suffering?

The crucifixion of karmic torment potentiates the passion of open hearted redemption. May the Love of even the most ill fates permeate every moment – for every breath shall be breathed with the immensity of the cosmic majesty. Nothing is to be gotten, everything is a gift — shall the divinely engendered fruits of the cosmos stand as a revelation out of our mundane circumstances. Deep breathes and open hearts — fulfillment shared for the sake of all. Living as a sacrifice from the wretched and banal to the utmost of hollies. How else does Eden redeem itself?




ISIS or Frat Boys: The Case of Youngstown State University


(Photo Credit, Emily Wire, Youngstown OH)

Youngstown State University students at the college’s campus in Youngstown, Ohio went to class Monday morning to find their collegiate signpost, “The Rock,” covered in pro-D’aesh propaganda, featuring slogans such as “France Deserves Destruction,” “YSU Supports ISIS” and “We’re Coming.”

Full disclosure: I go to this university. My wife and partner recently graduated from this university. I was born in a hospital that is roughly two miles away from this university, and I grew up (and currently live) in a house four miles away from this university on the South Side of Youngstown. So, perhaps, I am choosing to write an opinion piece on this issue rather than hard news, simply because I am so close to it. Bear with me.

First, “The Rock.” This is one of those college traditions. We live in a glacial area, and YSU is an engineering and geology school primarily; this was a chunk of erratic rock dredged up somewhere in the Mahoning Valley and deposited on campus, and generations of YSU students have been painting it ever since. It is painted for sports rivalries, it is painted for big campus events, it is painted for student union elections and homecoming elections and yes, it is painted by various student groups for holidays and activist purposes. I anecdotally was told by one professor that the thing is roughly twice the size it once was due to the layers of paint, and once I took a pocket knife into this monument and I can tell you, the paint runs deep. So, that’s the “Rock” of YSU.

Monday morning, students came to campus to find “The Rock” painted in the colors of the French flag and covered in pro-ISIS propaganda. This came after a bomb threat to the university the previous Friday, so tensions were running high indeed. Immediately, local news sources swarmed the area, and the story went on to outlets such as Fox News. As I write, I’m sure the vultures are gathering around, looking to make a story out of this… Hell, I am myself.

Perhaps the best response to this I saw on social media, among locals, was that this was likely done by some kids looking to get out of class. The Thanksgiving break and it’s classic workload is looming, and students are tired of being in class. This was, almost certainly, a frat boy “prank,” some misguided youths looking to get a rise out of people… and they have, certainly. Here’s a gem of a comment from a user of the website of the local paper of record, the Vindicator, a depository of people who just barely made it through their journalism classes:

“Here’s an idea; paint the rock over and station sharpshooters on top of Kilcawley. Then, when the heathen brown-skinned ragheads come back, we simply shoot ’em”

“Kilcawley” being the campus building directly next to the rock in question. Lovely. Here’s another:

Covering over the pro-ISIS rhetoric with WHITE paint. How very appropriate!!!”

I should note that my hometown isn’t filled with white supremacists. Really,we are a pluralistic community. YSU is a multi-cultural campus with many people of color, including a large Muslim student population. I do fear that some of the more reactionary members of our community – who are, as they ever are, very vocal – will misguidedly blame our Muslim friends for this idiocy, but we will see what becomes of that in the coming days. Take another random comment from a local:

Ummm…I thought Hussein said that “ISIS” was “contained?” Apparently he meant that the campus at YSU “contained” ISIS terrorists! And of course he wants to take in Syrian reinforcements…oops, I mean refugees! C’mon man….these muslim terrorists are obviously here, among us, and the guy who claims to be the C.I.C. wants to bring in more?”

“Hussein,” here, clearly a reference to the middle name of President Obama, a man known mostly for winning a Nobel Peace Prize and dropping bombs on Muslim children. How this man could possibly be a coordinator of some Muslim invasion is beyond the comprehension of any sane person, but the comment does serve to stoke my concern for my Muslim neighbors and friends in this current climate.

The university did indeed begin releasing text alerts about this issue, starting at 11:14 am EST. I know, I got one. I won’t go forth and list a great many of these, but here is the latest official release from the university, created for the press:

“Messages were found painted on the rock on the Youngstown State University campus core on Monday, Nov. 23, that were found to be of concern. YSU Police are investigating the situation. The FBI was contacted as a precautionary measure. No threats have been validated at this time. Police are continuing to look into the matter. There is no credible threat to the campus at this time.”

I have indeed heard that the local FBI were out in force today, and that they are investigating the matter. They certainly are going to be pulling surveillance tapes of the campus, and I imagine that even as I type this, there is some frat boy getting shoved to the floor, his beer bong spilling all over the shag carpet of the half-falling down house on the North Side of town that his parents are paying his share of the rent for.
Campus maintenance later sprayed the “Rock” white, and a group of students banded together to paint an American flag and various patriotic slogans on it. A number of Muslim and Arab students were present as well, with one, Mohamed Mishmish, writing “peace” in Arabic and English on the rock.

YSU01.jpg(Photo Credit – Joe Bethuy, Youngstown OH)

Several local student veterans took their pictures with patriotic signs in front of this display, and kudos to them – honestly. We have a great veteran group on campus and I greatly respect their ordeal and service. And I admire the sentiment, though a French flag would perhaps have been more appropriate, given the context. But we shouldn’t lose sight of one thing, and that is this: this was some group of assholes, trying to take advantage of a horrible event for their own ends, in this case, getting out of class.

Sounds pretty similar to world governments, taking advantage of a terrible tragedy, for their own ends… doesn’t it?