Of Mercury & Sulphur

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Patrick Ryan

Of Mercury & Sulphur

         Our world is one of seemingly disparate forces. Contrasting frequencies give birth to our experience; allowing us to indulge in BOTH pleasure & pain, ignorance & knowledge, light and shadow. We have been conditioned — both culturally and biologically, to go towards certain experiences while simultaneously pulling away from others. This is literally how life is lived for the majority. Our hearts become saturated with lightness while in love and as heavy as lead when broken. A young child smiles brightly at the world in their earliest days, a sick elder cringes at their looming demise — the tao spirals and whorls forth its creative vicissitudes by the very friction of its seemingly opposing forces. The miracle is this; without the inevitable pain that is guaranteed, the pleasure would be incomprehensible. Without the decay of the dead, new life couldn’t spring forth. Without the nauseating pangs of loneliness, communion would lose it’s sultry sweetness. The spectrum through which this reality is experienced, expresses itself due to the leverage of opposites. An aspiring awakened being journeys towards wholeness; as psychiatrist Carl Jung noted “One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” Indeed.

The pulsating rhythm of existence gives rise to phenomena that allow for our conscious embodiment. As any physicist should know, our world is merely a set of vibrational frequencies expressing themselves in what we perceive. The fundamental oscillation that is constantly at play permeates both the minutia and macrocosmic displays and most importantly reveals itself in our everyday personal narratives. Consider this — our most heartbreaking and challenging personal encounters have, in one form or another, allowed us the possibility to more thoroughly contemplate its opposite. Parental abuse? Motherly and/or fatherly love becomes something that shall continue to be a core focal point of our lives. Poverty? The security of even a small amount of money is relentlessly churned in our minds. Hunger? A nice warm meal seems to be of celestial origins. The utterly incomprehensible genius of this moment is designed to allow by its very being to counterpoise, to commune with itself — ESPECIALLY that which is most far and distinct. Things are literally hurled forth into time by this fundamental impulse. The dance of contrast gives way to opportunity.

On the inhale, life pours herself in. Oxygen fills our blood and being with its wholesome invigoration. Exhale, carbon dioxide is released tension expels, the release is cherished. These cycles are consistent and dependable and yet for many go by unnoticed and unexamined. Rhythm and flow is what IT is all about. The rhythm can be counted and explored in endless numerical manifestations. The flow can also be deeply felt — moving our hearts, minds and bodies through endless meandering experience. Why not just let it all go and dance with it? These patterns have a platonic cascading effect throughout literally everything else. Horrified and tense, breath becomes rapid and shallow. At ease and in good company, breath is deep and full. Why do we have the silly notion that one aspect of this dance is favorable to the others? As if the universe honestly gives a fuck. Creation has no remorse for the timid and fearful. Play and indulge in her! The secrets she bestows are only acknowledged and understood once fully apprehended — taking it all in. Allow the contrasting display to show the whole poetic glory of her magnificent show! To hell with the rigid conceptualizations our culture has given us. Fuck static definitions and ideas. Experiment, break the rules and by all means have fun! Trying to fit some sort of ideological mold in whatever endeavor one partakes is about the most anti-creative, stifling act one can ever commit. Want to do a certain activity fast and quick? Try instead to do it as slowly as possible. Want to be productive? Experiment being so lazy you feel pangs of nausea. To follow the rhythm one must gain a broader understanding of the space between the noise.

True indulgence is only acquired by tasting both sides of a spectrum, as any good chef should know. The art and alchemy lies in knowing when and where to place and utilize such contrasting forces. On the brink of extinction humanity finds itself lost in it’s frantic search for comfort and security where recoil and resistance breeds contempt and dismay. Communion and harmony will be our saving graces and unfortunately only achieved through utter and complete renunciation of final conclusions about ANYTHING. Penetration into the heart of paradox is the greatest act one can engage; drowning oneself into the depths of distinct poles of experience and conceptual understanding sheds the binding straight jacket of ideology and allows one to concede to the immaculate truth of oneness.

The churning spokes of the Kali yuga invite the blinding light of a golden age. How else could such a play dramatically unfold? It is only through acknowledging our blinding ignorance that we reach true illumination. As the great sage Socrates said “True wisdom comes to each of us when we realize how little we understand about life, ourselves, and the world around us.” this world’s greatest gift is to strip us of our most absolute convictions. To shine the light of truth on our most resolute and burdensome beliefs and rituals, only to reveal the utterly free and open truth of now. As Christ did in the corrupt temple, shall we smash our deepest resolutions to mere shards and fragments; revealing the underlying falsities permeating undisputed doctrines. It’s only through descent into Hell that we gain the fortitude to climb into heaven — realizing that the crescendo of the human drama, is the very apex that we have been yearning for.

John Carico: 5 Things You Can Do That Have More Impact then Voting

– Eric Scott Pickard

I recently came across this social media post from our friend and former guest John Carico, which I thought I would share. (Contact and further links below the content.)

A great many people feel left out of the political process, or feel that voting is simply irrelevant – that it does not serve their or anyone else’s interests – except for those of the powerful and elite. Carico lays out five simple suggestions to influence your community and your world without voting, or in addition to voting, that may well be of much more use: Inform, Organize, Sustain, Dismantle, and Resist. Here’s the text:

“Here are 5 things you can do that mean more and have more impact than voting:
1. INFORM: Write an article exposing an injustice, or spread one to 50 friends, or just introduce a bunch of people to an alternative media source. This is small, but the more people realize there is a problem, the closer we are to solving it.


2. ORGANIZE: start an independent union at your workplace, join a union, participate in a horizontally structured workplace like a co op, or even a commune, the more we use democratic and horizontal methods in our workplace the more we will be used to seeing how they work and will feel more comfortable discussing them as we make them the norm.


3. SUSTAIN: start car shares, guerrilla garden,if people have a need that can be provided for people do it, if you live in a state where you have to break the law to feed people, break the law, don’t block it off to followers of a certain religion or put any requirements for food. food should be free, and the politics of eating is one of the issues that if fixed would essentially topple many other problems we face. remember America, predominantly through restaurant industry, wastes more food annually than the rest of the world could eat! The second part of sustaining is making sure we have land bases by the time future generations come along, meaning we must Stop ecocide so in order to sustain we must also…

4. DISMANTLE: there are institutions and machineries all over the world, destroying as we speak large parts of our ecosystem with very little concern for the after effect, let alone the current effect. indigenous peoples are still being driven off this land, and slavery is more prevalent now than ever.we must take down systems that starve we must do economic damage, not simply opt out. the Boston Tea Party was an act of economic sabotage, and it brought attention to the issue, more than voting could. We must put ourselves on the gears, and if the state won’t stop it but instead offers subsidies and protection to these corporations, then it is up to us to..

5. RESIST: These institutions have brought and will always bring about violence if we do not pay to them to live, meanwhile we have 7 homes for every homeless person. golf courses use as much water as municipal humans. this is theft.These systems which create inequality and are unsustainable are doing long term and short term violence upon us everyday. And any attempt to truly change this will be met with more violence. We have to be ready to minimize damage done to the oppressed classes, and that means resistance to violent behaviors.”

You can check out more from John via his Facebook page and his author page at The Fifth Column News. You can also listen to his Free Radical Media podcast episode streaming here on the website or via YouTube.


The Sacred Nature of Art with Charles Gilchrist


In this installment, the Free Radical Media crew discusses artist Charles Gilchrist’s spiritual journey into the world of art, mandala, and sacred geometry. Charles Leslie Gilchrist was born in Wichita, Kansas in 1940. Showing artistic talents at an early age, Gelchrist started his formal art education at 11, studying under will know portrait and landscape painter Genevieve Ingram Frickle. He later attended Beloit College and the Cleveland Institute of Art. He has worked in many mediums, including commercial photography, and in addition to (and complementing) his artisic life he conducts workshops in Sacred Geometry.

More from Charles is available on his website.



Galactic Dialogues From Outside of Time w/ Thad Mckraken

In this episode, magickal practitioner, psychonaut and writer Thad Mckraken joins us to discuss his new book and current magickal explorations. More can be found from Thad at:

Why No Twenty Dollar Bills Matter, Even The Harriet Tubman

-Eric Scott Pickard


Apparently, in a decade and a half Harriet Tubman is going to be on the twenty dollar bill.

Harriet Tubman was great. Not only did she liberate herself from slavery, she helped other people liberate themselves from slavery, and she also fought for her pay as a Union operative in the American Civil War. This makes her an icon not only for women’s rights and for black rights, but for worker’s rights as well. She was utterly fantastic. She deserves to have her face plastered everywhere, including any kind of paper currency. Excuse me, though, if I don’t get all teary eyed over this “achievement” just yet.

Firstly, let’s talk about the legitimacy of money. The only reason there are images on currency is to add the legitimacy of the State to them. Our money is covered with various symbols tying it to the history of the nation – the buildings of US government, for example, the American Eagle, the various Masonic symbols that were held dear by the early Founders of the United States. Conspiracy theories aside, those symbols were added intentionally to add legitimacy to the currency – as symbols have been added to money since money was first minted. On Roman coins you can see the image of the Emperor, for Caesar was the source of all wealth – so it is now; Government, or the Republic, is the source of all wealth. This is the message that is supposed to be inferred from the various symbols on our money.

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The Death of John Lang w/ James Job and Brian Sumner

Talking about the strange, sad, and suspicious death of Fresno activist John Lang – elaborate suicide? Murder from Fresno police or others? Mental health, activism, and police corruption. We sit down and talk with Fresno journalists James Job, of The Fifth Column, and Brian Sumner of Copblock and Fresno People’s Media, both of whom knew John Lang in some capacity.

More can be found from James and Brian at the following:

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Have a listen to this strange tale and let us know what you think.

Let’s Talk About the Issues… The Highlight of the Democratic Debate

The MSNBC Democratic debate got frisky last night, as Secretary Hillary Clinton sought to frame Senator Bernie Sander’s challenge of her acceptance of campaign contributions and speaking fees from big corporate donors as unfair, saying “if you have something to say, say it.” The crowd found her comments worthy of being booed, and Senator Sanders certainly said he wanted to say, and got to the meat of the issue. Check out the video clip here:

As you see here, Senator Sanders took the challenge of the Secretary and used it to discuss the issue of money in politics, begging the question, how can elections be truly open without campaign finance reform? The influence of money in politics can be clearly seen, particularly in the first issue the Senator raised, the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act in 1999 (under the administration of Secretary Clinton’s husband, former President Bill Clinton) which removed safeguards blocking backs from using deposits for investment on Wall Street, which made the Great Recession of 2008-09 possible.

This was one of the most contentious exchanges in a very contentious debate, which is sure to receive a great deal of coverage leading into the New Hampshire primaries on 9 February.

-Eric Scott Pickard is a poet, activist, and artist. He is a journalist with The Fifth Column News and a co-founder of Free Radical Media, and a host of the Free Radical Media podcast.

Radical Science, Inquiry & Unified Field Theory w/Jamie Janover

We talk with musician, thinker and Unified Field Theory educator Jamie Janover to talk about the implications of radical scientific ideas in a culture of dogmatism.

More can be found from Jamie at the following:
http://resonance.is/We talk with Musician, thinker and Unified Field Theory educator Jamie Janover to talk about the implications of radical scientific ideas in a culture of dogmatism. More can be found from Jamie at the following:
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